About the Author

Carol Ann Ruggiero came to the world of writing almost by accident. One day, her best friend, Dorothy asked if she could would like to join a writing group in the local senior center. At that time, Carol’s interest was in ceramics. In this pursuit, she won several awards. After several refusals, Carol joined the writing group and there, she stayed for the next 20 years.

Carol’s writing style immediately drew praise in the group. She enjoyed telling a story or turning a serious topic on its head with a surprise ending. Carol usually refused to write about her personal life except in heartwarming cases.

Truth be told, she suffered many tragic events such as the loss of her children and yet, she was always ready and pleased to smile at a greeting and listen to any call for help. She was petite (4 ft., 10 inches, pithy in her speech and possessed a huge amount of common sense. She was constantly working on crosswords and logic problems.