Pearls from Carol

This little volume has been both written by and is dedicated to my late wife, Carol Ann Ruggiero For twenty years she lovingly attended and wrote for a writing group known as “Writers Unlimited.” These are her words, her thoughts, her humorous outlooks on life. This book is meant to be enjoyed by anyone of any age or social background. It is real and utterly without pretense. The author possessed no hidden agenda nor did she ever aspire to be anything but what she which was a genuine lady. Her life experiences endowed her with a healthy respect for humanity along with a large dose of common sense and humor. This book can be read cover to cover but it also can be read and savored in small doses over a long period of time. Each story centers on one brief moment. Each story is a tiny world of its own. Early on, Carol was taught to “show” not just tell. This lesson well learned, is the key to understanding and enjoying “Pearls from Carol” It is my firm hope that you the reader will both enjoy and pass on these pages for the enjoyment of many. This is a timeless gem. In our troubled, complex and anxiety ridden society this book will provide many a smile and no small amount of comfort.

 –Albert J. Ruggiero

Milford husband publishes late wife’s written stories, adventures into novel ‘Pearls from Carol’

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There was an elephant in my driveway
and I couldn’t back out the car.
When I looked in my side view mirror, it warned,
“elephants appear closer than they are.”

I backed out nice easy hoping the elephant
had shrunk.
We now were at a standoff
facing trunk to trunk.

With the beast I tried to reason,
telling him I would be late,
if he didn’t move his tail
and all the rest of his weight.

He thought this quite funny, threw his head
back tusks to sky.
T’was then we made a deal,
the elephant and I.

“If you could just inhale and get a
little thinner,
when I get home tonight,
I’ll have you in for dinner.”

He flapped his ears from side to side agreeing
he would wait.
There was an elephant in my driveway
And that is why I’m late!